Saturday, October 16, 2010

STILL pregnant on our DUE DATE, 10/16/10!!!

Well, we have officially reached our due date and are STILL pregnant! I am actually feeling pretty good, but am also REALLY wanting to meet this baby! We are ALL so excited to welcome him into our lives!! Can't wait to see our boys together!!! :)

Yesterday, I had an appointment, with an ultrasound. The ultrasound tech confirmed that he is head down (yay!), and she estimates him to be 8.5 pounds. WOW! She did warn us that there is a margin of error in the testing, so there is always a chance he might not actually be that big. But, still! She also says he has a big head, with LOTS of hair! Apparently, in ultrasounds, hair shows up as "white stuff" that swishes around in the amniotic fluid. She pointed out his hair to us, and even printed out a picture of it (along with others)! Jeremiah was born with a FULL head of hair, which went down over his ears and down his neck. So, we have to wonder if this baby has as much hair as Jeremiah did. We'll see!

At yesterday's appointment, we also found out that I am 1 cm dilated (yay!). It's not much, but at least it's something! Over the course of my pregnancy, I have been blessed to have met all four midwives (Blair, Nell, Tara, and Jennifer) and have now met two of the OBs (Dr. Hughes and Dr. Dixon). Dr. Dixon swept my membranes yesterday around 11am, and ever since then, I have been feeling regular contractions, more pressure, and lots of cramping in my lower tummy. Last night, before bed, I timed my contractions for an hour, and they were about 2 minutes long, 3 minutes apart.

I am so thankful for my doula, Stephanie Rockefort, who has been answering my calls/texts every couple of hours, helping me figure out what to "do next." Stephanie is actually a doula student, needing to attend births, for her certification, so she is not charging me a penny! What a blessing to have a FREE doula! She has also had two VBACS, so she understands my passion for wanting to have my own VBAC. Truly, what a blessing she is to me!

If you are reading this, please be in prayer for the baby and I through the remainder of the pregnancy (hopefully not too much longer!), labor, delivery, recovery, bonding,and breastfeeding. Also be in prayer for our precious little Jeremiah, as this will all be a big change/transition for him! We have everything ready: bags are packed/in the van, double stroller is in the van, carseat is installed, crib is up, clothes are washed/put away, big brother/little brother tshirts are made, and now we are just waiting...and waiting...anticipating the exciting moment that we will see our precious baby's face for the very first time!! Come ON, baby!!! We are SO excited to meet you!