Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jeremiah's First Haircut!!

As mentioned before, Jeremiah was born with TONS of thick, brown hair. Obviously, it just kept getting longer and longer and longer. I love his hair!!! But, I was so tired of complete strangers walking up to me everywhere we went saying, "My, what a beautiful little girl you have!...Your little girl is so adorable!...How old is she?...." Everyone we would meet would mistake him for a girl, even if he was dressed in blue/boyish clothes. The long whispy hair and big blue eyes made him look too girly I guess! Plus his hair started to curl a bit in back, which didn't help with the confusion at all. So we decided it was time for a haircut! The week that we came back from break, we made an apointment with Kristal Layne at a salon called Tangles in Chesapeake. He was exactly one week shy of eight months old. Above are some pics of before, during, and after. He did a great job, as long as we had his bottle close by. He especially loved playing with a huge, red can of hairspray. His hair is still kind of long in the front (but finally out of his eyes) and is short in the back (no longer half-way down his back when wet!). The cool thing is that you can see that the new hair coming in is a lot lighter and feels courser than his orginal "baby hair." Maybe he'll be blonde? Who knows! We just love his adorable new haircut! There's no way he'll be mistaken for a girl now!

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