Sunday, March 29, 2009

February/March 2009 Top Ten List

A lot has happened in Jeremiah's life in the past two months! So I have decided to make a list of the top ten most important things that have occured. Below the list are pictures to go along with each item. You may have to go back a few pages to see all of the pictures, since we made each picture so big this time. Enjoy!

February/March 2009

#1: Teeth-Jeremiah got his first tooth in early February, and now is cutting his fourth tooth. Ouch!

#2: First Valentine's Day-Jeremiah turned exactly nine months old on Valentine's Day this year! We took him to PictureMe Portrait Studios again and got some great pics! Check out the adorable little suit and tie and also his very first valentine card (from Grammy and Grampy Stults).

#3: Clapping-Jeremiah now loves to clap, and is working on saying "Yay!" Right now, it sounds like "Ahhhhh!"

#4: Waving-Jeremiah has started to wave and we are trying to teach him how to say "hi."

#5: Dancing-Sometimes when he hears music that he likes, Jeremiah will dance, which basically consists of him standing up against a piece of furniture and bounching up and down on his little legs. So cute!

#6: Sticking Out His Tongue-He loves to stick out his tongue!!

#7: Words-Since late January/early February, he has been saying three words (and actually knows the meaning of each too): Mama, Dada, and Baba (bottle). What a little smarty!

#8: Army Crawl/Pulling Up/Cruising-Instead of doing the normal crawl, Jeremiah has been doing this army crawl thing, where he pulls himself along on his belly. He started this around 7 months of age, and now it has developed into a really fast army crawl. He now likes to army crawl over to a piece of furniture, pull himself up against it, and start cruising (walking while holding onto furniture). He loves being on his feet and is constantly trying to take his first steps, which seems to result in falling and getting little bumps here and there. He's a little trooper, though! We wonder how long it will be before he is actually walking on his own!

#9: Sippy Cup-We are slowly trying to introduce the sippy cup. He still loves his bottle, but we are hoping he'll transition all the way to the sippy cup soon. He loves baby food of all kinds, but we are also trying to transition him into table food. He's doing well!

#10: 7 Ear Infections-So far, since starting day care in September and being exposed to a TON of new germs, Jeremiah has had 7 ear infections (2 in the left, 5 in the right), so we are heading to the Ear Nose Throat doctor on April 23. I have a feeling they are going to recommend ear tubes, which would not suprise me, since I had them as a child, and my brother had five sets when he was younger too. My poor baby!


shortycourty83 said...

By the way, don't pay attention to the dates on the pictures, as our camera somehow got messed up, and is putting on the wrong date. Frustrating!

Curtis and Amy said...

What cute pictures!!! He is such a cutie!!! I am so bad and totally have to get Ben in for his first pictures!!! I know bad mommy right?? Thanks for sharing your little boy!! Kelly just loves him to death!!