Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beach Day (One and Only this Summer): Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Yesterday, we spent just a bit of time at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  In previous summers, we've made it to the beach every other week, or at least once a month.  But since we were gone almost the entire summer (end of June, all of July, beginning of August), we obviously haven't had many chances to "hit the beach."  We decided this weekend was the perfect weekend to go, because there was a surfing competition going on.  About eight years ago,  I learned to surf, and even though I'm not that good, I still love to participate.  I especially love to watch other people (who are actually really good!) surf.  Because I've done it quite a few times, I know it takes great swimming ability, major balance, and extreme muscle control.  So I am just amazed when I watch "real" surfers!!  Enjoy the pics!!

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