Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our 6-Day Road Trip from California to Virginia

We had a GREAT five months in California! We were sad to have to leave, but also ready to settle down for just a bit/take some time off from traveling for a while. We followed a wonderful schedule every day, which seemed to work well for Jeremiah. We would wake up at 4:00am and hit the road around 4:30/5:00am. Jeremiah would usually sleep for the first 3 or 4 hours. Then we would stop for breakfast, etc. We'd get back in the car and drive for another 4 hours and then stop for lunch. Then after that, we usually only had just a short drive left, in which Jeremiah would usually nap again, before we reached our destination in the early afternoon. We always made a point to find hotels that had pools, so that we could spend a couple hours swimming and let Jeremiah get his energy out before dinner and bedtime. All three of us were in bed by 8:00pm every night!! Jeremiah did so well, and either slept, watched movies, looked at books, or played with his toys/stickers. We were so proud of him, especially since this was a really long trip for such a little guy.

Our Road Trip Route:
Day 1: Coronado, California---Williams, Arizona
Day 2: Williams, Arizona---Moriarty, New Mexico (stopped to see Four Corners Monument)
Day 3: Moriarty, New Mexico---Tulsa, Oklahoma
Day 4: Tulsa, Oklahoma---St. Louis, Missouri (stopped in downtown STL/saw friends, Minellas)
Day 5: St. Louis, Missouri---Beckley, West Virginia
Day 6: Beckley, West Virginia---Virginia Beach, Virginia

While were in CA, we rented our house out to wonderful renters. These renters would like to buy our house this summer/fall, if everything works out for them, financially. So please keep this in your prayers! That being said, when we returned to VA, we needed to find a place to live. God led us to Royal Pointe apartments, located in a GREAT area of Virginia Beach! Two of our friends live here in the complex, and three of our friends live within a mile or so! We are very close to both interstates, which makes for easy access to all of Hampton Roads. We are renting a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, which is about the same square footage as our house, but feels bigger because of the wonderful set-up!! :) There's also a pool here, which we can use from May-September!! We LOVE it! :) It just so happened that there was a "special" going on when we signed the lease, so the security deposit was only $100 (instead of the typical $400) and we get April's rent FREE!!! Wow!! That's great! God is sooooo good!

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