Friday, December 5, 2008

Fall (September-November, 2008)

This fall has been a time for growth. Jeremiah started out as kind of a skinny baby, but as he started eating rice cereal (in September) and then baby food (in November), he has really filled out. He is quite chubby now, which I LOVE! At his six-month appointment, he was 17 pounds, and that was almost a month ago, so I'm guessing he's probably about 19 pounds by now. Big boy! Jeremiah has also really started to enjoy books. He actually pays attention to the pictures now, which is fun! One of the highlights of this fall was when my sister Chasey and her kids (Taylor, Boston, and Madison) visited us here and we were able to take them down to the beach and ride a huge bike together on the boardwalk! Jeremiah also dressed as Tigger for his first Halloween, which he celebrated at Hallelujah Harvest (our church alternative), his day care party (staff day care at my school), and by "helping" me distribute candy on Halloween night. He was so cute in his little costume!

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Kristen said...

Love love love his hair!!!!! So glad to see you today!