Thursday, June 25, 2009

5-mile Walk with LOTS of Hills!!!

Today, we spent most of our morning exploring Bremerton. We walked across the Mannette Bridge, which was a little scary, because it was soooooo high up! Then we walked over to the Dollar Store and Safeway Grocery Store to pick up diapers, toys, and other odds and ends. Bremerton is extremely hilly, so I got quite a good workout. When we got back to the hotel, I "google mapped" the route we took and found out that we had gone a total of about five miles. No wonder my legs were throbbing by lunchtime! After lunch, we both took a nice, long two-hour nap, which felt great. :) After our nap we went back downtown, where we discovered an amazing six-year-old boy with a great voice, singing on a little stage. While we were there, Jeremy called to say he was off work. We were pleasantly suprised because he finished work hours before he thought he would! So he picked us up and we all went up to Silverdale, which is a 10-15 minute drive away, and also where we will soon be staying. We stopped by the Zack Properties (condo) office and they gave us the good news that we will be able to move into the condo this coming Monday (the 29th)! Yay!! This condo is about one mile away from the mall. It has an indoor pool, and we also have access to the outdoor pools and jacuzzis, located on the other Zack properties, just down the street. We all enjoyed a yummy seafood dinner together, some shopping, ice cream, and a quick dip in the hotel pool. Now it's time for bed. What a fun day!

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Shannon said...

Walking the hills are the best!