Monday, June 29, 2009

"Move In" Day!!!

We moved into our condo/apartment today!!! It's in a complex called Quail Hollow, owned by Zack Properties. The beginning of the day was kind of stressful, as we lost our rental car keys. But we found them! Praise the Lord! Jeremy was able to help me load the car up during his lunch break. Then I spent all afternoon moving into our new place. It's a one bedroom condo/apartment with a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom (with washer/dryer in closet), and patio. We have access to the club house, which has a pool, hot tub, big deck overlooking the mountains, and a fitness room. There is also a nice little playground for Jeremiah to play in. We can't wait to go swimming tomorrow! After we picked Jeremy up from work, we went grocery shopping and set up the rest of the apartment. What a busy day! We are just one mile from the Kitsap Mall and other strip malls, and about two miles from the library. If we feel like going to Seattle, we can either take a 15-minute bus to take the ferry across, or we can drive "down and around" (South of the Puget Sound). We still have yet to meet up with our new friends. We need to do that soon, too! We have so many fun things ahead of us!