Friday, June 26, 2009

Third Time's the Charm!

Today, we finally got to go to the Library! We have been waiting to go since Wednesday. But when when we tried to go Wednesday afternoon, there was a bomb threat (which turned out to be nothing), so we couldn't get in. When we tried to go again yesterday (Thursday), we got there five minutes after it closed. Bummer! So, today (Friday), we actually got to go! We checked out all kinds of books and picked up a schedule for different kinds of events (puppet shows, readings, clowns, etc.).

This morning, we explored Evergreen Park, where Jeremiah enjoyed swinging on the baby swing and climbing the mini rock wall. Maybe he'll be a climber like his Uncle Caleb someday?! While we were at the park, we met a cute little family, who we later exchanged numbers with, and will be setting up a playdate with soon. Isn't it cool how God provides us with people to hang out with? First the family from the airport, and now this family. God is good!

We are so looking forward to "moving in" (for only four weeks) to the condo in Silverdale on Monday! Only a few more days to go! I will post pics when I can. We have been to the pool here at the hotel a couple of times, but Jeremiah doesn't enjoy it too much, since the water is so cold. Hopefully the condo's pool will be warmer!! We'll see!!!

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Shannon said...

I haven't told you this in a while but quitting and being with Jeremiah is the best decision you've ever made.

How is the Tri training?