Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Week of Summer

We sure did enjoy our first week of summer, this past week! Here's a little recap:

My last day at ASCS--bittersweet! That night we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Kinstler's house (friends from church). After that, a friend watched Jeremiah for me so that I could attend my Moms 4 Christ Bible study, where we are studying the book, "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World."

We went to Busch Gardens with our friends, the Woods, and another friend, Bethany. Hopefully we'll be able to go again after we get back from our trips, since we have Fun Passes, which last through September 9th.

We had our Moms 4 Christ playgroup over to play in our backyard (slide, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, snacks, worship/music on the deck). Fun times!

We went to the Zoo with our Moms 4 Christ playgroup. Jeremiah LOVED the train and the jumping monkeys! That night, we had macaroni and cheese for dinner, which Jeremiah loved! For the first time, he actually ate the macaroni and cheese instead of just playing with it, like he used to before. He even ate more than I did that night! He's growing up!

We played in the fountains at the Botanical Gardens with our Moms 4 Christ playgroup. I honestly wasn't sure what Jeremiah would think of the fountains, since he didn't like the ones at Busch Gardens, so I didn't bother even putting his bathing suit on. I just simply put his little swim diaper on, and thought he would be "done" after a few minutes. Boy, was I wrong! He LOVED it!

We did some shopping at the Lynnhaven Mall with our friends Karen (my age) and Sierra (one month older than Jeremiah). We got some really great deals! While we were there, we played in the playland and also went on the Carousel. Jeremiah was a tad bit frightened, but still enjoyed himself!

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we plan on hanging out with our friends, the Howards, after attending their church with them. I'm sure Wyatt and Jeremiah will have a blast together since they are just a few months apart in age!

(*The picture of Sierra and Jeremiah in their floaties was actually taken last week at Karen and Sierra's community pool. They have the exact same floaty, just in different colors. Cool, huh?!)

God blessed us with such a wonderful week with friends! We made sure to spend some quality time with everybody, since we are leaving on Tuesday, and will be gone through mid-August (5 weeks in Washington for Jeremy's work trip, 2 weeks in Wisconsin for my brother's wedding). We sure will miss our friends while we are gone. :(


Annelise said...

What an awesome week!!! It is so cool that Jeremiah got to experience so many new things.

Brian and Karen said...

You will certainly be missed! :( Come home soon! We are going to try and keep ourselves busy so it is as if you never even left! :)

Shannon said...

Busy Busy....

:) Glad you're enjoying your summer!