Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jeremiah's First Drive-In Movie Theatre

Last night we went to the Rodeo Drive-In Movie Theatre and saw a double feature: "Up" and "The Proposal." Both movies were really good and Jeremiah slept almost the whole time, since it was so late at night. :)

Today has been a nice, relaxing day. Jeremiah and I were able to sleep in this morning, after a very late night last night. Unfortunately Jeremy had to work all day. :( But at least we got to meet him for lunch. :) Saturdays are always laundry days for our family, so I appreciated being able to use the hotel's laundry room.

Right now, we are waiting for Jeremy to be done with his 12-hour shift for today. We are sad that we didn't get to spend the day with him, but at least he will have 12 hours of overtime pay on his paycheck, which will be nice! We talked about possibly taking the ferry over to Seattle tonight. We'll see!

Jeremy is also scheduled to work another 12-hour overtime shift tomorrow (Sunday), so I think we may visit Silverdale Baptist Church, which is just minutes away. One of these Sundays, we would like to check out Haller Lake Baptist Church, which is led by Pastor Don Horrell. Pastor Horrell is Jeremy's former childhood pastor from Augusta, WI. So we are looking forward to fellowshiping with the Horrell family!

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