Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exploring Silverdale!

Today we explored a little bit of Silverdale! We took our first "Kitsap Transit" busride to the mall area, then walked a mile to the library to check out some books. After the library, we walked back to the mall and had some lunch, then played in the "Periscope Place: An Under the Sea Play Land." Jeremiah had a blast climbing around on everything! Afterwards, we walked back to our condo/apartment. We could have taken the bus again, but I thought I'd try walking, since it was only a mile away. It was a little freaky, seeing as how there were no sidewalks between Kitsap Mall and Quail Hollow, but God kept us safe! When Jeremy gets home from work this afternoon, I hope to actually have a meal prepared and on the table for him! I'm thinking shrimp and corn on the cob----YUM! Then hopefully we'll all get to relax down by the pool. We love this place!

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