Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4 Weeks Down, 1 To Go!

Wow! I can't believe that Jeremiah and I have been here in Washington for exactly four weeks now! That's crazy! Time really has flown by. We leave in exactly one week, to fly to Chicago, then drive up to Wisconsin to see friends, then family for Jake and Calle's wedding. I've pretty much gotten to see everything and meet up with everyone that I wanted to. The only thing left to do is to go back to Seattle and go up into the Space Needle. When we were in Seattle three weekends ago, we stood next to it and took pictures, but we didn't go up into it. The Space Needle takes you WAY high up, where you are able to look out over the entire city of Seattle. My friends, Lisa and Annie, along with a few others, have ranted and raved about the view from the Space Needle, saying that it is definitely a "must see." So, if Jeremy is not working this Saturday, we hope to take the ferry over to Seattle, visit Pike Place Market one last time, and go up into the Space Needle. This whole time we've been here, I've been sure to keep us busy with play dates and other explorations. But this week, I am taking it easy, as I know when we get to Wisconsin, we are going to be crazy, non-stop busy, between visiting some of my college friends, seeing family (both sides), and helping out with the wedding. The only thing on our agenda so far this week is a play date for Thursday, with the twins that we met on the plane. We plan to go and splash around in the fountains in Bremerton. We can't wait!!!

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