Friday, July 24, 2009

Making Plans for our Last Weekend in Washington

I can't believe that this weekend will be our last weekend in Washington. Even though Jeremiah and I will be leaving on Tuesday for WI, Jeremy will be staying here to finish his transfer through Friday (July 31st), then will head back to VA for a week to check back into the Portsmouth shipyard, then will join us in WI on August 5th. I have a feeling that these next couple of weeks are going to fly by quickly between seeing friends, hanging out with family, and helping with the wedding! I can't wait to see everyone! If Jeremy doesn't have to work tomorrow, we hope to take the foot ferry from Bremerton to Seattle for the day to see Pike Place Market one more time, and also get a chance to actually go up into the Space Needle, which overlooks the entire city. It's supposed to be sunny and in the 80s tomorrow, so that would be the perfect day to see the city again! I SO hope Jeremy doesn't have to work! Sometime this weekend, I'd also like to head to downtown Silverdale for the "Whaling Days." I'm not exactly sure what that all entails, but maybe we'll just have to check it our for ourselves, and find out!! No matter what, I hope that we get some good, quality time in together, as our little family of three. :)

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