Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our 5th Washington Play Date!!

God has truly blessed us with all the play dates we've been on while we've been here in Washington. We've had an average of about one per week (one of the weeks we had two). What a tremendous blessing, not only to have toddlers for Jeremiah to play with, but also for me to enjoy some much-needed adult conversation! Here's a "recap" of the play dates we've been on, since we've been here:

1st: Peacock Playtime (with Best family-twins from plane)
2nd: Point Defiance Zoo/Aquarium (with Grine family)
3rd: Mall Play Area (with Best family)
4th: Trampoline/Wagon (Grines's house)
5th: Bremerton Fountains/Evergreen Park/McDonalds Play Area (with Best family)

So, today we had our fifth play date! Wow! Fun times! It was supposed to be warm outside today, so our original plan was to take the kids, Jeremiah, and his two new friends, one-year-old twins (one girl, one boy) to the Bremerton Fountains to splash around. The six fountains are all lined up right next to each other at Harborside Park in Bremerton, right between the ferry and the Shipyard (the shipyard where Jeremy works). Since it was so chilly, Jeremiah just stuck his little toes in (see pic). Jeremiah has become quite good friends with his new little pals. We even caught him holding hands with one of them (see pic)! Adorable! We were only there for a few minutes before the kids started getting fussy, so we headed to Evergreen Park, where the kids played on the jungle gym and climbed the climbing wall. We had been there once before, but this was our friends' first time there. Then, we went to McDonalds, where the kids ate chicken nuggets (Jeremiah's favorite!) for lunch and played in the indoor play area (see pics).

What a fun play date! Since we leave next Tuesday already, this will probably be our last play date. :( Even though we are sad that our time is coming to a close, we are also excited for the next "phase" of our big summer adventure, as soon, Jeremiah will see both sets of grandparents and all of his aunts, uncles, and cousins! We can't wait!!!


Annelise said...

The picture of Jeremiah holding hands is so cute :) Have fun in Wisconsin. It should be a little warmer there :0)

Brian and Karen said...

Sounds like Jeremiah is cheating on Sierra. :) LOL!!!

Glad you are having so much fun, even though we do miss you a lot. You won't even recognize my "big girl" when you get back. She has grown up so much this summer. :(

Miss you! :)