Sunday, July 12, 2009

Olympic View Assembly of God Church

Today, Jeremiah and I tried out Olympic View Assembly of God Church. Jeremy wasn't able to join us because he had to work. :( My sister goes to an Assembly of God Church in northern VA, and I've always enjoyed attending with her when we are visiting her area, so I had a feeling I would like this church too. I was right! The worship was GREAT! My favorite way of talking to God is through music, so the worship part of any church service is always really important to me. Most churches only do three or four songs and then they are done, and I'm always saying in my head, "I need more! Can we keep singing, please?!" But this church did a total of seven songs, scattered throughout their service! What an experience! All (but one) were songs I was really familiar with, so that was nice. Jeremiah seemed to enjoy the nursery too, with all of it's toys and things to climb on. Jeremiah is napping now, and I think I'm going to read a good book. Tonight, when Jeremy is done with work, we have dinner plans with our friends, the Scotts. I had the Scotts' daughter in my class two years ago and they now live out here, so it will be fun to reconnect with them. Sadly, their daughter (my former) student, is visiting other family right now, so I won't get to see her. :( I'm looking forward to catching up with the Scotts and getting their ideas about fun things to do and see around this area.

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