Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gateway Park/Jeremiah is 14 Months Old Today!

The weather was just perfect today, as it was about 65/70 degrees, with a nice warm sun, cool breeze, and clear skies. So I figured, what a great day for a walk in the park! Just down the road from our apartment is Gateway Park, where there's an area for skate boards and also some trails. I can't believe we've been here three weeks, and just visited this park for the first time today! I was expecting just a small trail, but was pleasantly surprised to find a trail that went through a beautiful field and led to another trail....and another trail....and another trail....and so on. As far as I can tell, there are four or five different trails that we could have taken! Wow! We only had time to do two of them today, since it was getting close to Jeremiah's nap time. We'll have to go back soon to discover the rest! Some of the trails were paved, some were wooden (my favorite!), and some were gravel, so I took pictures of each kind. I also had to stop and take pictures of all the wild flowers and the flowing streams. One of the trails led us to a picnic table, where we had a picnic lunch. Jeremiah chowed down on his pbj sandwich, bananas, and milk, as we enjoyed the peaceful sights and sounds around us. What a gorgeous place the Lord created! The entire time I was walking the trails, I thought of my parents, as they LOVE to take in God's creation by spending lots of time outdoors. They would really enjoy this place. I really miss them and am so excited to see them in just a little over two weeks, when we head to Wisconsin!

Today is July 14th, which means my little Jeremiah is now 14 months old! He's 14 months on the 14th...cool, huh?! Wow! What a big boy! This first 14 months of being a mommy has been incredible, and I am so excited to see what God has in store for us in Jeremiah's next 14 months and more!

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Annelise said...

The trails look really nice! I love taking the kids on walks too! I can't believe the temp there! It seems like springtime!