Monday, July 13, 2009


Recently, Jeremiah has started to say the word, "no." Eek! That can't be good if one of his only words is "no," right? So far he says mama, dada, baba, duck, uh-oh, hi (sounds like ha), yay (sounds ya) Since he now walks all the time, he gets into EVERYTHING! He LOVES to toliet, so now we have to keep the bathroom door closed at all times. He also loves to climb in and out of low cabinets, which I don't mind all that much, as long as there is nothing dangerous for him to touch (glass, chemicals, etc.). He really likes to dig through the trash---gross! But more than any of these things, his favorite things to play with are power cords. Whenever he gets near a power cord (or anything else he isn't supposed to be getting into), we take both of his hands into our hands, look him in the eyes and say, "Jeremiah, no." Then we take him away from that area, across the room, etc., to try to remove the temptation. So now, when he is getting close to touching something on the "no-no" list, he turns to see if we are watching him, and when he makes eye contact with us, he says "No, no" to himself! What?! It's cute, and it's hard not to laugh. But the not-so-cute thing about his new word is that he has learned to use it when he doesn't want to do something. For example, if we are trying to put him into his pack n play and he doesn't want to go, he shouts, "NO, NO!" Or if we try to take something away that he isn't supposed to play with, he says, "NO, NO!" So that's not fun! Now, instead of using the word "no," we are trying to use the word "stop" when he is doing something he shouldn't be doing, just so that he isn't hearing "no" all the time. We'll see if this helps!

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~Lisa said...

LOL- Been there, done that! We had to start telling him simply why he can't do something. So with the power chords instead of no we started saying "Owie" or however you spell it. When he'd go to the garbage, which he's still having problems with, we'd say "ucky." It's funny how much he understands- he even uses the correct facial expressions when he says them and uses them in other appropriate contexts.
Whatever you do, don't laugh. Ryan used to smile when he'd do something like hit and that little grin inveribly would make me giggle, and then he stopped taking me seriously. It took a good 2 months for him to listen to me again. Now he does well, but I have learned to save the giggling for later!!!
Enjoy all this time with your little one!