Saturday, July 11, 2009


Jeremiah and I went on a little "adventure" to the library today. The bus got us almost all the way there, so we only had to do a little bit of walking, which I was very thankful for, since it was just under 90 degrees outside and VERY sunny! We were both exhausted by the time we got home, and Jeremiah had a VERY WET diaper from the two sippy cups of water/juice I gave him to drink. As I was changing him, I noticed the start of a very small diaper rash. He hasn't gotten one of those in a while. So I decided to let him have a few minutes of non-diaper time. BAD idea! Just last night, Jeremy warned me that I should NOT let him have non-diaper time while we're here in this condo, because of all of the carpets. Back home, we don't have any carpets, but rather all hardwood floors, so if he poops or pees, it really isn't a big deal---we just wipe it up with clorox wipes. I literally went into the bedroom for 30 seconds (seriously-that's it!) to get our library books from my backpack, so we could start reading them together. As soon as I came back into the living room, Jeremiah was sitting in a HUGE pile of poop, and on his way over to "paint the wall" with it! Poop was smeared all over the carpet surrounding him. Yikes! So I quickly grabbed him and gave him a bath, then scrubbed the carpets. I scrubbed...and scrubbed...and scrubbed...with soap...we don't have any carpet cleaner (we'll have to get some now!)...and the stain is mostly gone, but still sort of there. I am dreading tonight, because when Jeremy gets home, he is going to kill me! He just warned me about this last night! Uh oh! I'm in big trouble! I've learned my lesson! The diaper stays on at all times!

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Kristen said...

Courtney you are too funny! Oh my! You are really staying busy there and seeing lots of cool stuff! I'm not surprised you made friends with someone on the airplane! that is so you! So friendly =0) miss ya back here in VA!