Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our 3rd Washington Play Date!!!

We had quite a busy and fun day today! We spent the morning in the pool, which made Jeremiah so tired that he took a three hour nap. Wow! After Jeremiah's nap, our new friends came over to our apartment to have snack time and play with toys. This is the family with the one-year-old twins, who we met when we were coming off the plane three weeks ago. They are also the same family we had our first Washington play date with (Peacock Playtime). After the kids had had their fill of snack and toys, we all loaded up in their mini-van and headed to the mall, where there is a play area, specially designed for young children. We've been there a few times, but our new friends had never been, so we got to "show them around." All three babies had a great time crawling through the tunnels, climbing up the padded slides, and walking around the play area together. We just got home, and Jeremiah is looking REALLY tired! He will sleep well tonight, I'm sure! We are planning another play date with this same family sometime next week. We would all like to visit the Bremerton fountains together, where people of all ages are allowed to jump in and swim around. We know the fountains well, as they are right next to the hotel that we stayed in the first week we were here. We just haven't been swimming in them yet, so it will be fun to experience that too! Praise God for play dates!! So far, we've had one per week, since we've been here. God is good!

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