Friday, July 10, 2009

Point Deffiance Zoo/Aquarium

Today, we went on our second Washington play date! We went to the Point Deffiance Zoo/Aquarium (near Tacoma/Seattle) with our new friends, Sarah, Seth, and Ava. Sarah and I met through her sister Lynsey, who I know Virginia Beach. As Jeremiah and I were getting ready to leave for Washington, Lynsey mentioned that her sister Sarah had just moved to Washington (Tacoma area) with her husband and two kids (Seth-5, Ava-1). So Sarah and I found each other on facebook, exchanged numbers, and made a play date for today! We had a blast, and were at the zoo from 10-5 together! We loved watching Jeremiah and Ava play together. They were so cute! Ava loved to give hugs, and Jeremiah actually returned her hug once! Seth was such a little gentleman, holding doors for us, being gentle with the babies, and letting us choose our favorite places to go before he made his choices. What a sweet kid! Some of our favorite exhibits included: elephants, polar bears, puffins (swimming birds!), starfish, seals, sea otters, and wallabies. The kids also loved the fountains!

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