Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jeremiah LOVES his new "Jet Ski" floaty!!

Since we had to pack light, we were unable to bring Jeremiah's leap pad water floaty with us to Washington. I was so sad, since I knew we would be in the pool a lot. :( But, recently, when we were grocery shopping at Albertson's, we found a really cheap "Jet Ski" floaty for Jeremiah to use! Yippeeee! We filled it up with air as soon as we got home, and before we could even get it into the water, Jeremiah crawled right in and scooted himself around in it (on the carpet)!! I forgot to bring my camera to the pool on the night that we first used the new floaty, but I actually remembered it when we went to the pool today. If you look closely in one of the pictures, you can see him kicking his little feet, which is a huge deal to me, as a former swim instructor! I try to expose Jeremiah to the pool as often as possible, in hopes to eventually teach him how to swim. Poor little guy is teething like crazy right now (four teeth are coming in at once), so he is chewing on everything and anything....including his new floaty! We just hope he doesn't pop a hole in it with his sharp little teeth! Eek!

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